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To help stop the spread of COVID-19, we are currently closed. If you're a current member, join us for virtual classes! Give us a call or shoot us an email for questions on how to join.
USK Martial Arts |11930 Providence Rd W C1CharlotteNC28277 | (704) 540-4224
USK Martial Arts
11930 Providence Rd W C1
CharlotteNC 28277
 (704) 540-4224

Martial Arts School Charlotte, NC

Martial arts teaches those who practice them much more than just self-defense skills. Through forms of martial arts like Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo, a martial artist can improve their self-confidence and sense of self-discipline. At US-K Martial Arts, our family-owned school with more than 20 years of experience trains families the art of Korean martial arts. Our Charlotte, North Carolina location specializes in summer camps, cardio kickboxing, and more to provide our students with balance. Want to learn? Call us to learn even more and get started!

Leadership · Discipline · Confidence

Since 1995, we at US-K Martial Arts have been providing traditional Korean martial arts training to those in the Carolinas. We've had thousands of child students ages 3 and up, as well as teens and adults, train with us. Grandmaster Moon K Kim, the founder of World Hanguk Tang Soo Do Federation, dedicates his training to teach us how to create a safe and friendly environment for the greater community.

When one trains with Grandmaster Moon K Kim or one of our other instructors, they will learn character development skills that can be used in our studios and their everyday lives. These skills help them to become more responsible members of society. When they seek inspiration from instructors, they will become a better leader within their community as well as a better role model for their friends, family, and siblings.

Goals Of Martial Arts Training

Our goals as martial arts instructors at USK Martial Arts are to help children in many ways. Skills learned can be applied in our after-school programs, summer camps, and classes as well as outside of them. The goals are:

  • To provide children age-appropriate classes
  • To create positive learning environments
  • To provide personal attention for each child
  • To develop self-confidence with the "I Can Do It" attitude
  • To teach respect towards parents, teachers, and siblings
  • To teach valuable life skills that will help them succeed at school and thrive in their academics

Through working toward each of these goals, Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo provide students with many benefits: improved physical well-being, self-esteem, patience, agility, coordination, respect, mental concentration, confidence, responsibility, balance, endurance, and humility. 

Our Programs

Selecting a school for martial arts training is not an easy decision. When students, children and their parents choose US-K Martial Arts, they will get to choose from several programs that provide a clean and safe environment, a staff who is knowledgeable, a chance to be goal-oriented, and a chance to better their health. We offer several programs you may ask us about, but for starters, these are student favorites:

Kid & Adult Martial Arts

We teach students of all ages Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo (according to World Taekwondo Federation standards and traditions). Students develop a myriad of mind and body skills through the self-defense techniques we teach. We have many families in the area who come to us during our regular schedules to train together.

After-School Training

Our after-school program at US-K Martial Arts is a really fun, safe, and superior quality service. Our staff and instructors design these classes to serve as great alternatives to typical after-school daycare. Classes happen after school and can provide students with all of the benefits typically received from normal martial arts classes.

Summer Camps

We specialize in summer camps that aren't so ordinary. Instead of typical summer camp activities, we focus on teaching martial arts to encourage positive energy to keep kid attendees pumped. We include field trips and other age-appropriate games and activities, so they are never bored. No prior experience is required!

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If you or your child are interested in working with US-K Martial Arts, get in touch with us to get started. We work with families in Charlotte, North Carolina and ensure that every class is an educational and physically stimulating experience. Call us at (704) 540-4224 to sign up for a class or program at our 11930 Providence Rd W location today!

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